Six digital chromogenic prints, each 13 x 22.5 cm., text, 2014.


6 digital chromogenic prints, each 6 x 9 inches, text, 2014.

In Xalapa, near to the house I grew up in, there is a brick bus stop that is not used much anymore, it serves a unpopular route. Some people carve holes on the brick while they wait for their bus, which usually runs late even arbitrarily. These holes are a testomony to the dead time spent waiting for a bus to come. It denotes destructive idleness.

The holes vary in diameter and depth depending on the coin used and the wait time. This vandalic act has a direct correlation to the passage of time and an obvious anti-object agenda. Being and indexical trace of an event that depends on time and energy, we could say these holes are, in a way, almost photographic.

A monument to delay.